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Dr. HumbleDr. Humble brings a commitment to perform the art and science of aesthetic medicine. While having a background in traditional plastic surgery, she now concentrates exclusively on non surgical procedures. Her office was one of the first cosmetic injection based practices. Since then, she is constantly striving to provide her patients with the best, and latest procedures to enhance, mold, shape, and improve the face and body. She is dedicated to helping you look and feel better about yourself through a variety of medically directed procedures in a nurturing and relaxing environment.

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Posted by NewBeauty

The undersides of the arms, the elbows and the area where the arms connect to the chest near the armpits, are some of the crepiest areas on the body. “Women get it so bad here,” says Sacramento, CA, dermatologist Suzanne Kilmer, MD. “Part of the reason why it’s so apparent on the undersides of the arms is because of hormonal changes due to menopause. As estrogen levels drop in the body, collagen is diminished, so there’s less supportive collagen in the arms and thinning skin becomes more noticeable.” When you lose weight in your arms, which can be an area that fluctuates, the skin becomes stretched out too.

A skin-tightening treatment, which helps firm skin by inciting new collagen to be made, may be needed. And, because the arms are a hard area to treat, a more accurate microinvasive skin tightener, such as ThermiTight, may be your best option. It works differently than more traditional radio-frequency treatments in that it “injects” energy deep into the skin with tiny probes (the areas are first injected with anesthetic, so you won’t feel much during the treatment). The results take up to six months to see and some doctors say they are not yet certain if they are long-term. You may be swollen for a few days afterward, but the brand claims you typically only need one 60-minute treatment for it to work.

Photos from Dr. Humble’s recent Medical Mission to The Philippines

ThermiRF & PRP Treatments

ThermiTight is a temperature controlled radio frequency device used to tighten areas that have lose volume and elasticity. ThermiTight can tighten the skin around the chin, cheeks, jowls, beck, arms, tummy and knees. By heating up deep skin tissues, existing collagen contacts and tightens. This controlled heating will also encourage the production of new collagen. The results are smoother and tighter skin. Results with ThermiTight can last up to 2 year…… Read More

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